By Jordan Malik, 

Amazon.com's Award-Winning Top Seller from 2010

& Founder of FBAFinds.com & HonestOnlineSelling.com


Attn: Online Sellers

I sold $105,000 worth of merchandise on Amazon in 2011...

Now, I'm revealing a relatively untapped used merchandise
market that I have made BIG profits from
(and that most other sellers don't know about yet)

I am ready to share my exact step-by-step method to locating this used
appliance and reselling it on Amazon and/or eBay for BIG Profits.

In minutes, you'll discover:

> The EXACT appliance (FIFTEEN different model #'s!) that can be easy to find
   locally and resell on Amazon and/or eBay for BIG PROFITS

> Profit proof (I show you MY records of what I sold, and for how much)

> 6 (SIX) ways to find these appliances near you.

> How to get the appliances to 'come to you' (I've done 90% of the work for you!)

> Exactly what to look for, and where to look for it

> How to package the appliance for shipping (either direct to the customer, to FBA, etc.) 
   (This is a lightweight appliance that is only a couple feet long and about 6" wide, and under 10 lbs)

> HOW MUCH To pay for the appliance

> Brands of TWO BONUS appliances that are popular and easy-to-find locally,
   but that sell for HIGH prices on Amazon & eBay.

> My own 60-Day 'No Questions Asked' 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

> Real Customer Testimonials (Just received, 2/20-2/22/12):

"Just bought the guide and then I went thrifting with my cousin after lunch and came home with 5 of these units.  Cleaning and listing today and hopefully will see a very nice profit.  This is an item I never would have thought to purchase before the guide. Thank you!"  - Suzanne

"Hi Jordan, I took action and I visited the local thrift stores, at the FIRST one,  BINGO, I found one of your appliances for $8.99 (almost new), I hope I can sell it on Amazon for $79.77, so  after I pay Amazon  $21.39   for FBA  and my cost I can profit $49 and change, so the price of your e-guide is paid for, Thanks!!!" - Carlos

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We apologize, this Guide is SOLD OUT of all 300 Copies

* The guide advertised here contains recommended purchases of products based on my estimates from years of reselling products on eBay and Amazon. No one, including me, can predict the future performance of such sales with 100% accuracy. Your results may vary. Please read the Disclaimers (link below)

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